5 Ways to Find the Right House

Finding the right fraternity or sorority is crucial in making the most of your time in college. Here’s how:

1) If you’re going to ask around, keep an open mind

It’s easy to get caught up in what everyone else thinks about the different chapters on campus. Some of your classmates will try to label entire organizations based on a few members they know. Try to ask about traditions (see: Alpha Gamma Rho & Agriculture) and always remember, you’re the one making the decision!

2) Do your research

Just like when you where researching where to go to college (right?), it’s important to get some perspective on your options before making a decision. It’s super helpful when going through recruitment to know details about the different chapters available to you. It’s also very important to know what it actually takes to Go Greek. Things will definitely change when you decide to join an organization- where you might live, extra-curricular commitments, and even costs associated with membership. So go ahead, do a Google Search, or sign up for GreekRush at your school to learn more.

3) Shake Some Hands

Get out there and get to know your classmates! Going through recruitment is always an easy way to meet Greeks, but can sometimes feel a little forced. Fraternity and sorority members will undoubtedly be in some of your classes, clubs, intra-murals, and might even be your neighbors. When you see someone wearing their letters, go up and ask them about Greek Life, you won’t regret it!

4) Relax during Recruitment

“Have you ever tried to relax?!” OK, valid point, but maybe this will help: Everyone in Greek life at your school was once in your shoes. Recruitment is another great opportunity to meet your peers, Greeks & non-Greeks alike. Sometimes it’s equally as important to get to know the other students going through the process with you. Who knows, maybe you’ll just decide to start your own chapter.

5) Don’t Fake it

Greek: “Do you like sports?”

Recruit: “Love ’em!”

Greek: “Nice, who’s your favorite team?”

Recruit: “All of them! I just love sports so much!”

Just because someone has a favorite thing, doesn’t mean it has to be your favorite, too. People love it when you have cool, unique hobbies, interests, or talents. Believe it or not – different is actually a plus! So be yourself, and find yourself a house that you can call your home.

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