DeskHub Member Spotlight: GreekRush

As seen in DeskHub’s Blog:

This week we are proud to present Greekrush: one of our amazing member companies. GreekRush is a social app that allows college students to easily join organizations and Greek communities at their school while helping them stay connected. Its primary focus is fraternities and sororities. The key features of this online and mobile app are: the ability for group and private chat, showcasing public and private events, allowing voting and bid invitations, and secure payment processing. The platform helps show transparency and interaction to the Universities and the students throughout the whole process. Not only does the app help the students, but it also helps offer the Universities a reliable solution to conduct rush and collect data regarding student-led organizations.

When the conception for this idea began, the two founders, Cody Cross and Carson Drake, were both attending the University of San Diego. They were in their own separate fraternities and witnessed first-hand the need for an updated recruitment process and a more streamline system for communication and connectivity between student organizations. At first, they wanted to address each issue separately, but noticed the opportunity to combine them. The result was a centralized communication channel platform to help students join groups and stay connected.

Today, Greekrush is available on Android and Apple products and spans across both the mobile and desktop Web.  After starting almost 2 years ago in San Diego,  GreekRush has successfully integrated their social app into 15 colleges around the U.S. so far, with many more interested. The company started with just 3 people, and has now doubled to 6 employees plus 1 intern. Just recently, GreekRush was able to get funding for their company and has allowed them to move onto the next stage of their business, which is expansion and growth. The next step for them is to focus on marketing and promoting the product, while looking to recruit new people.

GreekRush was one of the first members here at the San Diego Deskhub when it opened in July. We asked the Ceo/Co-Founder Cody Cross what made his team choose Deskhub: “It is a really motivating place to work and allows you to recruit people by having a professional space. I had checked out other co-working spaces, and this one felt the most legitimate and had the best startup culture. To me, it felt catered to the startup environment. Also, there is lots of exposed bricks, I like that.”

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