Campus Spotlight (USD): Big Greek Life at A Smaller School

Sometimes, Greek Life is the factor that can really bring a campus community together.

Austin Lastinger, Senior at University of San Diego, has provided his insight on how Greek life makes a smaller campus feel huge.

What’s lacking in sports is made up by Greek Life at USD. USD is home to 18 fraternities and sororities that provide people a way to join something bigger than themselves. I can honestly say joining a fraternity has been the best decision I have made since coming to college. I have found friends that will last for the rest of my life. The weekends at USD are something no other campus provides. San Diego has the best weather in the nation and everyone at USD lives on the beach, so naturally the weekends consist of catching some rays with your friends while partaking in numerous shenanigans. There’s nothing better than jumping in the ocean after a day full of festivities. Since USD is a relatively smaller campus, most fraternities and sororities are fairly inclusive allowing you to have friends outside your chapter. This provides for a more diverse college experience than a big university has to offer. USD is a booming entrepreneurial hub so there are many startups that come out of USD Greek Life. It is always interesting to hear what the new startup is that everyone on campus is talking about. The roots of GreekRush started with two different fraternity members coming together to form what is now GreekRush. This is just one of the many companies that is a byproduct of the USD Greek system. With San Diego being such a diverse city, there are many opportunities to hold exchanges in very cool locations, such as on a yacht in San Diego Harbor, or at a club in the Historic Gaslamp Quarter. Overall, USD is a great place to be a Greek due to the number of opportunities that can arise from being Greek in such an awesome city.

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